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ACT BioRemediation

Bioremediation Products.

Revolutionary line of patented GREEN cleaning products contain microorganisms that penetrate and break down harmful pollutants.

 •Effective – Absorbs spills & stains
Convenient – 1-Step; Multi-Surface
Safe – Free of Chemicals & Environmentally Safe

Menu of Products

1.  Terra Firma Cleaner

Terra-Firma Formulations is used for spill containment, troubleshooting leaky pipelines and bioremediation programs.  ACT Terra Firma has been widely used by the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.  It provides a new and innovative way to decontaminate harmful waste from soil.  Our safe and effective cleaning product helps companies in their efforts to become a GREENER force in our world.

2.  Concrete & Asphalt

ACT Bioremediation Products ® has made concrete cleanup quick and cost effective.  USING NO WATER, simply apply and walk away.  ACT’s Revolutionary Concrete Cleaner uses bioremediation to effectively and efficiently cleanup oil, grease, bird droppings, blood, antifreeze at the same time controlling odors.  Helps prevent contaminants from entering storm drains and fresh water and ground water supplies.

3.  Absorbent

ACT Absorbent can be used on small leaks or large spills.  The fiber blend of our product enables it to absorb up to five times its own weight in liquid and can be reused if not saturated.  In addition, it suppresses odors and vapors which can reduce the ignition of flammable materials.

4.  Container Cleaner

ACT Container Cleaner is a time saving and cost effective cleaner, which works as three products in one:
1) Cleans any aluminum, steel, or plastic container.
2) Prevents leakage by working as an absorbent in the container.
3) Controls odors.


Case Study

Kuwait Oil Company, (KOC) Oil Lake Project

Case Study

Diesel Truck Spill (Sacramento, California)